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Therapeutic Essentials for Public and Private Yoga


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Therapeutic Essentials for Public and Private Yoga


Staying Safe & Restoring Balance

Prerequisites: 200-hour yoga instructor certification or permission of instructor

A practitioner’s goal is to feel balanced, pain-free, well, and vibrant in body and heart. But as yoga becomes ever more popular in the West, we teachers are more frequently finding ourselves in contact with students who are there to overcome an injury, a chronic pain, to reduce their stress and blood pressure or to manage anxiety and other afflictions. Often students are “prescribed” yoga by their doctors and therapists. And if the student isn’t there specifically to heal something, they may be trying to figure out how not to exacerbate a pain. It is not uncommon to have over half the class raise their hand to the question, “Who here has a pain or an injury today?” As such, it is becoming increasingly more important for yoga teachers to know how to work with myriad students and their myriad circumstances.

This training will prepare you to intentionally teach yoga as a therapeutically oriented modality, of both the body and the mind. In this program, we will learn how to:

  • Identify imbalances and isolate their causes
  • Use specialized sequences for specific imbalances and ailments
  • Teach our students about the usefulness of balance between stability and mobility, specific to certain ailments
  • Help our students develop a balanced practice which avoids further injury and imbalance
  • Approach our students with an understanding of their multidimensionality, and how the different layers of their being (in Sanskrit: Pancha Kosha) impact and affect one another
  • Use alternative practices like meditation and pranayama to aid in our holistic healing efforts
  • Use restorative asana for deep physical relaxation and grounding
  • Most importantly, welcome every body into our yoga classes with confidence and compassion

Our daily schedule will include:

  • Yoga practice and guided meditation
  • Lecture on the above topics
  • Experiential, hands-on work with one another

This program fulfills an elective requirement for the Carolina Yoga Advanced 500-Hour Teacher Training; it is also open to everyone who meets the prerequisites.

This weekend’s focus is all about resetting the parasympathetic nervous system. This aspect of our autonomic nervous system is activated when we are in a relaxed state. Unfortunately, we humans have a hard time staying in a restful state of mind and body unless we’re going to sleep. That means that we are almost always in a somewhat activated state, emitting and expending our vital energy unnecessarily. Furthermore, as our culture becomes more technology-saturated, our sympathetic nervous system is working extra hard to keep up with seemingly urgent pings and rings, in time making us sick with overstimulation and stress. We’ll explore how to teach restorative poses, meditation and pranayama practices skillfully to counteract these external pressures and pack our yoga classes with greater healing punch.

$375 for all three weekends; $300 before 2/1
$140/weekend; $120 before two weeks ahead

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