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Urban Retreat with Doug Veenhof


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Urban Retreat with Doug Veenhof


Taking a Subtle Approach to Knowing Your Heart, Mind & Body

Please join us for an experiential meditation retreat combining inspiring guidance for first time meditators and old schoolers alike. The weekend’s offerings will include kirtan, yoga, and meditative technique based on teachings from the Tibetan school of Buddhism.

During Friday’s evening session, we will outline the fundamentals of Dzogchen, known as Tibetan Buddhism’s Great Perfection and the sequence of practices that lead to the exhilarating view from pristine awareness. We will also explore the yogi’s route of utilizing the body’s subtle energy to bringing the mind to stillness.
Saturday and Sunday we will learn practices for moving prana to help develop the mental and physical pliancy that accompanies the actual achievement of a sublime state of stillness known as shamata, a necessary tool for cutting through the dreamlike illusion on which we base our hopes for happiness. The days will be organized into a progression of one-hour sessions that introduce time-proven meditation techniques for developing the stable and vivid attention necessary for isolating individual moments of experience for close examination.  We then use that powerful observational tool to probe the nature of consciousness itself.

Each one-hour session begins with a brief talk introducing a new element of practice along with a 12-minute guided meditation. This is followed by a silent, self-directed session to integrate the new meditation into your own practice. This systematic, empirical approach allows even someone who has never meditated before to develop a grounded and comprehensive practice to take home. Long-time meditators as well might find this spacious view of Dzogchen to be what they need to reignite the exciting discoveries of daily practice. Yoga will be offered on both Saturday and Sunday. Each hour and fifteen minute session will consist of keen observation of movements of body and mind as they appear to still awareness.  This fluid awareness of stillness and motion will lend itself sweetly to understanding these individual moments of consciousness and their nature.

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