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Alignment Part 1


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Alignment Part 1

This is the first module in our 500-hour yoga teacher training core curriculum. It is also open to everyone! We will explore the principles of alignment in two separate weekends. This is the first part of this exploration.

Learning optimal alignment in asana is an integral but all too lacking part of our practice. This technical refinement of our physical practice leads not only to greater physical health and fewer yoga-related injuries, but also to a deeper awareness of the subtle body and the more sensitive aspects of our physical practice. Yoga injuries are becoming increasingly common in our contemporary drop-in classes. Learning solid alignment to pass onto students is a gift we give them to keep them safe, strong, and ever-expanding. 
We'll learn basic alignment in each class of asana and we'll dive more specifically into the most common yoga poses found in a drop-in class. We'll also study the most common yoga tweaks and injuries and explore how a refined alignment approach can eliminate such traumas to the body. Class will include physical exercises and partner work.

Part 1 will cover fundamental alignment principles, specific alignment principles for standing poses, backbends and arm balances.

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